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Saturday, May 8, 2010
By zuhimi
8 Things I like about 8 things :)

1.) I like lists. Simple as that - I have always been a list maker and this just falls right into place for me.
2.)I like that it is 8. I would expect 5 or 10 and I am glad it is an unusual 8.
3.) It brings focus to your writing. Not to little not to much - just right.
4.)Scheduled - I like knowing what I will be posting each week on Thursdays. Guess I like structure :)
5.)It gets me thinking and that is always a good thing.
6.)I enjoy reading the 8 Things that my friends who participate write.
7.)I plan to use many of the posts as a part of my scrapbook pages.
8.)The sky is the limit! You really can write 8 things about anything. Look - I just did it! :)




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